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Three Topics From The OTT Panel At The Local Management Summit – April 22nd in Chicago, IL

Apr 29

Written by wpengine

OTT Panel At The Local Management Summit

Last Monday, April 22nd,  I had the opportunity to speak on an OTT panel at the Local Media Association Summit in Chicago, Il with Brian Page of E.W. Sripps, Mike Braun of Grey Television and Shaun Fogarty of Virginia Media.

Here are three topics that the panel was in universal agreement on:

1.     The percentage of CTV (Connected TV) matters

The reporting of a digital video ad impression is reported out as either Desktop, Mobile or CTV.  If the ad impression is reported out as “CTV” it means that it was most likely watched on a television set.  Different OTT vendors offer different percentage mix’s of all three of these delivery methods and it really matters.  For instance, CompulseOTT is 93%+ CTV meaning its primarily a TV-based product which is a lean-back experience.  In addition, CTV offers some co-viewing bonus quotient because the impressions are being viewed on a TV set and it’s likely that more than one person is watching.  A buyer is only charged a CPM for the 1:1 impression not the additional co-viewing eyeballs.  Some OTT products may have a heavy mobile percentage and are viewed on a mobile device’s small screen.  The CPM’s for these impressions are generally viewed as less valuable then CTV and priced accordingly.  So it matters what the percentage of CTV is.

2.     Reporting is important – especially on a local level

Many of my industry colleagues on the panel are doing different types of reporting with various metrics and cadence of deliverables.  However, all agreed that the reporting for local DMA and regional advertisers is very important in these early days of OTT. Because local advertisers may lack the scale and sophistication to work with 3rd party tracking tags and other self-reporting methods they are dependent on quality, reliable and validated reporting

3.     Media buyers need to be educated on OTT product differences

OTT sellers offer many different types of products and buyers need to understand the differences because they are not all the same. Related to my comments above on CTV percentage, does the seller report out the percentage of Desktop, Mobile, and CTV?  Again, the CPM’s generally are higher for CTV because of the scarcity of CTV supply and the lean-back experience of TV versus that of desktop or mobile.  Media buyers need to ask the seller – What is the percentage of CTV? Is there set-top box VOD in the mix? Are ad impressions running in programming on long-form episodic and/or full-episode player content? Or are impressions running in a bunch of short-form mobile clips (because that’s not really OTT)?  The spirit behind OTT is really “CTV”.   Know the product differences of what your buying and the first place to look is on the seller’s reporting of the CTV percentage.

Thanks for reading and let’s start a conversation on OTT.

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