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Buyer Beware All CTV/OTT Not Equal

Dec 11

Written by wpengine

Buyer Beware: Are you paying for OTT but getting lower valued mobile and desktop video?

The Over-The-Top (OTT) craze is only going to grow in 2019 and with that growth is increased buying confusion in the marketplace.  “OTT” is the uber industry term for non-linear video delivered via streaming over the internet.

But Buyer Beware: When advertising on “OTT”, not all “OTT” is created equal.

The key metric to analyze is “CTV” or Connected TV.

For example, let’s assume that Johnny is a Sling subscriber. Only when Johnny is watching an ad on a channel via his Sling app on his Connected TV is Johnny reported out as a CTV user.  Johnny could also choose to watch Sling on his Sling mobile app or log into Sling on his desktop in which case Johnny’s ad view would be reported out as mobile or desktop on industry reporting.

Therefore, the percent of impressions on CTV is really the more important metric to analyze. That’s because generally there is a higher value perception on the ad viewing experience on CTV because:

  1. Its viewed on a television set where the engagement is much higher than mobile or desktop
  2. Programming viewed on television tends to be long-form episodic (F.E.P. or Full Episode Player) vs. short form clips that are typical on mobile or desktop.
  3. Any opportunity for fraud is greatly diminished because it’s in a walled CTV garden which is not the case with mobile or desktop video.

So, buyer beware: ensure that your OTT provider has validated and reputable reporting and is reporting out the % of CTV as part of the overall impressions.

CompulseOTT has daily dashboard reporting with live validated data that reports out the % of CTV. If you’re interested in learning more, let’s have a conversation.

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