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An advanced television video ad delivery ​platform that enables advertisers in local ​DMAs to target viewers through reputable ​and validated data targeting sets.

What is OTT?

We've created a quick video to help educate you on what exactly OTT is and how it impacts the advertising industry.

Our Capabilities Show

Compulse OTT utilizes a Data Management Platform that was born in the CTV/OTT space, where cookies can’t be used to gather data to target.

Our DMP has over 75 Million Households to choose from. CompulseOTT has integrated partnerships with over 200 third-party data providers that enables an advertiser granularity in targeting specific audiences. Let’s have a conversation and develop a case to grow your business through CompulseOTT.

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • 100+ CompulseOTT Staff to Serve You
  • 1,400 Account Representatives
  • Strata & MediaOcean Integrations
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Data Targeting with 1st & 3rd Party Data

Dedicated Account Managers​

100+ CompulseOTT Staff to Serve You​

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A man watching highly targeted ads on his iPad by the advanced OTT platform - CompulseOTT